"Knit Your Bit"

I claimed my knitter's niche in 2005 when I took a class called "Women and World War II". At this time, my ears continuously listened for words like "knit", "purl", "garter", "stockinette", etc. so when I noticed the character Mrs. Miniver knitting in a bomb shelter and two sisters talking about k2 p2 ribbing, I knew that there was more to that than just a word on a page or camera shot in a movie. During this time, many people knitted; children, wounded soldiers, women young and old. So when did this begin? I would imagine that needles have always clicked whether or not a war rages. But, at some point women felt the call to "Knit Your Bit" and passed that on to younger generations. I could write a long and detailed history of Wartime Knitting here, but that might be a bit too much for the moment. So instead, if you would like to find out more on your own check out these interesting knitting resources.

Knitting for Victory - WWII
American Red Cross WWII Knitting
Posters, Photos, and Ads from the WWII Homefront
Knitting Images




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