Need Has No Season - March

Knit anything for peace today. What does it mean to knit for peace? The answer will vary with every knitter you ask. For me, knitting for peace involves thinking of the recipient of my knitting. I find myself praying for little lives just forming and for warmth, comfort, and peace of mind. While I knit, cross legged on my futon, I dream that the stitches on these needles will open a pathway to peace in any form. I recognize that knitting in itself won't stop wars or end the violence humans direct to other humans. I do hope that "with each stitch that peace is possible, that human intelligence and compassion can triumph over fear and greed, that terror and war can give way to discussion and peace" (Knitting for Peace Manifesto). You don't have to knit for a specific organization or person but pray for peace or meditate on peace while you knit today.

If you would really like to knit for an organization that promotes peace there are a number of resources to help you out. Here are a few...

- Lion Brand Yarn Charity Connection

- Knitting for Peace by Betty Christiansen, suggests various projects to create which will bring peace to people around the world. (You can check this out from the library I bet :D!)

- Look on the bottom of the Knitting For Peace Manifesto web page, the author suggests a number of options to knit for peace.

- Don't forget about your own "backyard". Is there an elderly neighbor who would really appreciate a knitted item? What about a young parent who needs clothing for their infant?

While you knit this month, knit for peace.



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