Excuses Excuses...

Yeah, yeah I know what they are like... (well you know what they are like, everyone has them and they all stink).  But seriously, I have been pretty busy lately.  No knitting even... well not really anyway.  But during my hiatus I realized that I should share some really cool family info. During the second weekend in June, I went to Philipsburg KS for my Great Grandma's 100th Birthday party!  While there I was reminded about my Great Grandma's hobby, crocheting.  Pretty cool huh?  She is 100 and still crocheting.  In fact, she makes all the new babies in the family a blanket!  Now brace yourself, here is the really cool part... My Great Grandma Is Blind!  
Yup.  Has been for the past, well I don't know, but as long as I have known her anyway.  I asked her what inspired her to keep crocheting.  She said that she was talking to a lady who is blind and uses a white cane who still knits!  She said, "If she can knit and she is blind then I better not give up just yet".  My Great Aunt puts coordinating colors in grocery bags for her and she just uses the yarn from those bags. 

So like I said, excuses, excuses... they stink.  I better get back to knitting so I can keep up with Great Grandma!

Great Grandma Tien and I



Blogger permsoul said...

Wow Alison! that is really awesome that your great grandma still crochets at her age and being blind! What an inspiration! I had a friend of mine teach me years ago how to crochet a granny square afghan...instead of a bunch of little squares though i always made 1 great big one! Usually big enough for king size bed...the last one I made was for my husband when we still lived in Pierre. I will have to get myself some yarn and see what I can learn to do next...I've never done knitting but I enjoyed crocheting...thanks for the inspiration! Laura T :o)

5/15/2008 9:22 PM  

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