Sock it to em'

My mom makes Project Linus blankets on a fairly regular basis. Consequently, many people give her yarn throughout the year for various reasons. She has more yarn than she can crochet in a decade or more maybe. I really like this little problem of hers because I can poke through and find more than enough yarn for projects of my own. On a recent search I found this really lovely green wool yarn. My sister found some a few months before, and I really did intend to give the rest of the green yarn to her so she could make a larger project. Well, if that yarn didn't just jump in my bag and hide amidst the rest of the yarn...hmm...or something like that anyway. So I have this yarn and I decide that I want to make a beautiful cabled scarf. I quickly realize that I don't have anywhere near enough yarn for the scarf. Soon the scarf becomes the cuff of a child's sock.

Since I didn't give the yarn to my sister I thought I should at least make a pair of socks for our niece with the stuff. So everything seems to be going well until I have to make something called a short row wrap. Huh...ok well I give it a shot. Didn't work, so I search through books to find very explicit directions. These make a little more sense. I feel pretty good about myself for learning a new technique, despite the fact that it looks like crap. Appearances really don't mean a thing at this point. Ok so onward with the directions which is where things got really confusing.

I need to wrap the wrapped stitches and a bunch of other gobblety gook.

When my oldest niece was a toddler we liked to ask her questions when she wasn't really paying attention. She would emit this dumbfounded "Huuh?" from her throat with one lip raised and an ear cocked to one side. I now understand this response completely.

After a good half hour of trying to figure out this step I decided to sleep on it. I had just been listening to a radio show about the benefits of sleep. Sleep apparently helps you learn new things that made absolutely no sense the night before. So I thought this might work. Off to bed.

I woke with renewed vigour to try this wrapping stitches thing. Sleep, phooey. Another try and almost being late for work suggested I spend my time doing more productive things like knitting hats. The lovely green yarn will make a very cute frog hat.



Blogger Teri S. said...

Hey Alison! I'm finally getting time to drop by. I enjoyed meeting you at Lean Horse and hope that your husband was sufficiently recovered by Sunday. Ciao for now!

8/30/2007 5:32 AM  

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