Nothing Whatsoever to do with Knitting

Yes, that's right.  But I think this is something everyone should know about anyway.  During the recent holiday, my younger sister asked me if I had heard of Free Rice.  Somewhat perplexed I asked about this Free Rice.  She went on to explain that Free Rice offers the opportunity to improve vocabulary.  Okay, so Free Rice and Vocabulary... connection please.  

Check out this awesome site where you can play a vocabulary game which earns 20 grains of rice for each correct word.  The rice is distributed through the United Nations World Food Program.  
 (click on the picture)

Check out the FAQ's page and listen to this great interview on PRI's The World with the creator of the site.  (Radio Interview)

I realize that this is a very distant way to address hunger issues and I agree with the commentator on the radio program who said that the site creator could educate participants about hunger issues while they play.  However, I felt better knowing that as I review useful vocabulary, companies like Google and Apple donate food to those in need.  Also, in the FAQ's page, the site offers more outlets to learn about world hunger issues.  

Did you know that 25,000 people die every day from hunger or hunger related issues.  So, what will 20 grains of rice per word do?  Improve your vocabulary, feed someone suffering from hunger, and hopefully encourage you to address hunger and poverty in other ways as well.


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