Ultra Marathon Knitting!

Why I love Ultra Marathons.

The Lean Horse Ultra was mine and my husband's first ultra and I really feel this was a great way to spend a Saturday in the outdoors. Ultra Marathons (anything over 26.2 miles) are a great spectator sport in my opinion. As the crew I met my runner at each aid station to provide him support, water, food, first aid, etc. But, in the meantime I knitted. Oh what a beautiful day to knit too! The morning was a little chilly and moist. As I drove to the first aid station I crested a hill and looked down into a foggy valley. At this station I met a few other crews who have a lot of experience. Soon Brad came running through, feeling great, we chatted, he ran on and I packed up. This routine carried on through all the aid stations until after the turn around at mile 25. He started to slow down and didn't feel quite as well as he did after only 8 miles. Go figure. Somewhere between mile 35 and 40 I drove on to the next station and along the way drove past someone else camped out of the back of a vehicle knitting!

I pulled over to the side of the road like a crazy lady and ran back to her car. By the time I got there I had made a few conclusions.
1. She must be a crew because the back of her car is full of running gear, water, food, etc.
2. If #1 wasn't true she was a kindred spirit knitting in the wild so therefore she would understand my quick pullover and frantic run back to her car.
3. Hopefully if neither 1 or 2 applies she doesn't call authorities about some random person accosting her on a back road in SD yelling something about knitting.
Luckily, she was both 1 and 2 so I didn't have to worry about #3.

Now, how would you feel if some random person ran up to you yelling excitedly, "Are you a knitter?!" No I wasn't raised in a barn, but that may have been questionable to her at the moment. In any case, she was very nice to me we introduced ourselves, and quickly traded info on our WIPs, blogs, etc.

Back to the race, my fellow knitter and I learned that our husbands were running about the same pace. So we kept each other company until the end while providing some awesome crew support.

Brad finished the race in 10 hours and 41 minutes! For his first 50 mile ultra I feel he did a great job. Next time hopefully he will train a little harder and sign up more than a few days in advance. We said au revoir to Hot Springs and my fellow knitter to head back home. Hopefully the Lean Horse wasn't the last 50 mile race Brad and I see together, he enjoyed the challenge and I enjoyed the knitting and providing support.

I will post pictures later.