An itty bitty update

My mother in law went to India and brought home some great spices that aren't available in SD. They came in this little wooden box which I thought was so cute. So here it is with Leslie's housewarming gift. Perfect wrapping.

I can't wait to use the Indian spices for a yummy curry. Brad and I really enjoy eating and making curry. We also received some beans and lentils unavailable in SD so we need to learn a bit about how to make and prepare those. There is an Indian Restraunt in Rapid City that also offers cooking classes. I feel a cooking adventure coming on!

That's all for this itty bitty update! -Alison



Ultra Marathon Pics - first 25 miles

Not much in the way of text here, just pictures of my hubby running the Lean Horse Ultra Marathon.  Yeah Brad!
Left Photo:  The Beginning  
Right Photo:  Brad racing past at 6:10 am
Left Photo:  Very good advice.  
Right Photo:  The First Aid Station - Tire on a Fence Post was it's name.
Left Photo:  Running in the Black Hills National Forest.  You can see my shadow.  
Right Photo:  Brad realized that setting your camelback on the gravel road isn't a good idea unless you like the crunch of gravel in the morning.
Left Photo:This is the part of the trail where the runners first join up with the Mickelson Trail.
Right Photo:  Brad crossing the bridge at Lime Kiln Aid Station.
Just some scenery.  Note the outhouse in the picture on the right.  I really needed one about this time on the trip.  Luckily Pringle was only a few miles away.
Left Photo:  Brad arriving at Pringle.  
Right Photo:  Number 155 (Brad) was really tired so he had a break after the turn around point past Pringle.

Okay, that's it for pictures here.  If you would like to see the rest check out Brad's website.



This is a day for...

New Beginnings! And it isn't even January 1st. I don't have much time so here is a run down of all the new beginnings.

1. I learned to knit correctly. Maybe you read in a previous post that I twist all my stitches when I knit because I taught myself incorrectly. While I have made many things I am proud of, I decided that I really should learn to knit the right way. So, with a quick demonstration from Teri and the help of the SNB Handbook I learned how to knit continental style. Now, I think I knit correctly, however I might still be confused. If you are reading this and can see that my stitches are still twisted let me know, so I can learn how to knit correctly.

2. My cousin Matt and his wife Holly just had a baby boy, Benjamin! What a wonderful new beginning. I guess he has pretty big feet, so I hope the booties will fit by the time he receives them. The hat was supposed to become a frog hat but I got lazy and left it solid green. I really enjoy making these booties because they are fast, easy, and a great way to relearn how to knit because they are just a garter stitch. Without further ado, here is a picture of Benjamin's gift.

3. Brad's sister moved into her first apartment in Madison WI so she can attend Vet school at the University. First apartments are always fun to celebrate with house warming gifts. I knit some simple face cloths and dish rags for her. Hopefully they will come in handy. I plan to get some hand made soap as well to include with the gift.

Knitting during the race.

Knitting and the Crew car

Left Photo: Beatrix "helping" me take a picture of the dishcloths.
Right Photo: Face cloths in a sort of Rib Stitch and Seed Stitch

Yarn used in this post:
Lion Brand Microspun (Booties)
Green Wool Fingering weight yarn - not sure of the brand (Hat and Laces on Booties)
Knit Picks Cotlin - Island Coral and Almond colors (Face cloths)
Sugar and Cream - Celedon and Soft Teal (Dish rags)

Happy knitting!

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