Fraternal Socks

Well, since I have nothing like them in my drawer, I can't mistake that they are a pair.  Actually, the bottom of one matches the top of the other.  So maybe I should think of them as Esau and Jacob.  The second sock really did hold onto the color scheme of the first sock's toe.  

They were finished just as we rolled through Denver on our way to Colorado Springs.  I donned them in the car, as you can see, and wore them all over Ft. Carson.  They were a comfort in a new place.  Brad interviewed with the Chaplains and I traipsed around the Post.  They are called Posts in the Army, not to be confused with Bases (Air Force).  I learn new things all the time.  

I visited the Main Post Library, which compared to the library I work in, was huge!
After asking a few questions there I wandered to the Thrift Store, then the PX (Post Exchange which is like a big box store), and the Commissary (grocery store).  After picking up Brad, we headed to Denver to meet a friend for dinner!

Another finished object on this trip...slippers!  Why I am finishing all these warm footy objects as spring rolls around is best answered by this little rhyme.

Procrastination is my sin, 
It brings me endless sorrow.
I think that I'll stop doing it, 
In fact, I'll stop tomorrow.

Why no picture of the slippers?  See above rhyme.



Blogger Teri S. said...

Nice socks. I like that the top of one matches the foot of the other. Will you be moving to Colorado if Brad becomes an Army Chaplain

3/23/2008 5:39 PM  
Blogger Tanya and Aaron said...

Alison, those are some mighty impressive socks. You have some real knitting endurance!

3/28/2008 2:20 PM  

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