Appeasing the Cat Goddesses

I am certain that Cat Goddesses rule the cat universe.  I can't explain my theory as it is simply in the beginning stages.  Anyway, as any knitter with a cat knows, yarn entices any cat.  So, in an effort to appease the Cat Goddesses I have knit my two toerags, cats, lovely kitties (phew) a kitty bed.  

The pattern can be found in Stitch' N Bitch: The Knitter's Handbook by Debbie Stoller.  One thing I should mention about this pattern, just knit the big size.  My cats aren't all that big but the bed seems a little small.  

Beatrix meet Bed, Bed meet Beatrix.

I guess she will need to choose which end rests in comfort.  Front end or Back end?

Ah well, it was a fun project anyway.

Want to see another great project knit from this book?  Check out Tanya's hat!  I am pretty impressed with anyone who can pick up knitting after a while and start out on DPNs.  What an achiever!



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