Appeasing the Cat Goddesses

I am certain that Cat Goddesses rule the cat universe.  I can't explain my theory as it is simply in the beginning stages.  Anyway, as any knitter with a cat knows, yarn entices any cat.  So, in an effort to appease the Cat Goddesses I have knit my two toerags, cats, lovely kitties (phew) a kitty bed.  

The pattern can be found in Stitch' N Bitch: The Knitter's Handbook by Debbie Stoller.  One thing I should mention about this pattern, just knit the big size.  My cats aren't all that big but the bed seems a little small.  

Beatrix meet Bed, Bed meet Beatrix.

I guess she will need to choose which end rests in comfort.  Front end or Back end?

Ah well, it was a fun project anyway.

Want to see another great project knit from this book?  Check out Tanya's hat!  I am pretty impressed with anyone who can pick up knitting after a while and start out on DPNs.  What an achiever!



Inexplicable Knitter Behavior!

Well I had a really fun morning traipsing all over Wall and Philip with one extra stop on Highway 14 for the express purpose of inexplicable knitter behavior! I had tons of fun taking pictures of donuts, dinosaurs, statues, novelty yarn, and "the slammer". 

Why you might ask? Well, if you were a knitter you'd know. In the event you don't share this passion for needles and yarn I shall explain.

The Yarn Harlot charged knitters from all over the world to a scavenger hunt on this very day, April Fool's 2008! She listed many things to take pictures of in Toronto but also opened up the hunt to knitters from all over the world. Said knitters then posted all their pictures for the world to see just how inexplicable we can be.

So, in short, there were many many knitters all over the world having tons of fun on this April Fool's day following the direction of one very admired and hilarious Yarn Harlot!