Movin' on out....

Well, folks.  Since I haven't actually posted here in longer than I care to admit (though if you compare the date of today's post with the previous you may see for yourself) I plan to move all knitting updates to our family blog (http://bradandalison.brainfuzz.net).

I have been knitting during the absence of news.  Since my last post, we have had a little boy who has received numerous hand knit items.  Currently, I am working on "Steggie" from knitty for him.  I hope to complete it before he grows past the size I am knitting.

I took a drop spindle class to finally spin all that previously mentioned wool.  Totally excited, just need to get some ducks in a row to make it happen.

My dear husband still has just one sock from me.  One of my deployment goals is to finish the other one before he returns home from Iraq.  Ha!  Unfortunately, I sort of made up my pattern and now have no clue whatsoever about how to repeat the pattern.  Bleh.  He may just have two differently patterned socks with the same yarn, clever, I know.

Anyway, you'll find my knitting updates at our family blog from now on.