Sheldon is Finished!

Take a look at this cute little guy! Even my cats love him...although they mostly like to attack him Note Beatrix pulling him up by his shell which provided a nice belly view of Sheldon. Maybe she just wanted to help him pose for the camera.

Making Sheldon provided some interesting challenges and opportunities to learn knew knitting skills. If you consider yourself an intermediate knitter who likes to learn by tackling tough projects then definitely try knitting a Sheldon. You will love this cute little project.



UFOs and WIP

Ahhh!!! Yarn from outer-space....wh-what's WIP have to do with outer-space? Unfortunately I cannot report that I have had any Unidentified Flying Objects near any of my knitting and WIP doesn't mean Wayfaring Intergalactic Probe (also that doesn't really make sense). Instead try, UnFinished Objects and Works In Progress. These two acronyms also correlate with the mysterious lack of posting to this blog. So, to fill you in, here are my WIPs and UFOs.

WIP Sheldon:

I have completed the body, limbs, and top of Sheldon's shell. I am working on the other 2 parts of the shell so I can stuff the shell and limbs then attach the limbs. Oh, also, Sheldon doesn't have any eyes at this moment...still working on that.

UFO Baby Afghan WUA! style:

Over Christmas, I learned that Brad and I can expect the joyous arrival of another cousin in June! This baby will receive an Afghan made of 7 x 9 in. rectangles all stitched together. Sound familiar? This is just a Warm Up America! Afghan made with baby yarn. So far, I haven't had any problems except that the afghan requires quite a bit of time.

Completed Rectangles: Incomplete Rectangle:

Remaining Yarn:

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Brrr....make a cozy

My husband and I received a Nintendo DS for Christmas and absolutely love our new toy. However, we realized the need for a case of some sort and really didn't like the options in the stores. They are all too big, too small, pink argyle, or have a cartoon of some flavor embroidered/printed on the outside. My sister-in-law recognized the same need for her DS and immediately thought of knitting a cozy! She used the pattern in the Stitch N' Bitch Handbook as her guide and reported that the pattern works very well. So, I flipped my copy of the book open to the pattern and began casting on. Unfortunately, I stick to a knitting pattern about as well as my mom sticks to a recipe, in other words, I digressed rapidly from the printed page. In the end I have a DS cozy that I really like so I guess there is no harm in switching things up a bit for a custom made cozy.


Nintendo DS Knitted Cozy

Size 6 straight needles
Worsted Weight Acrylic Yarn
Button (2 MM or 3/4 inch)
Sewing Needle and Thread to match the yarn
Yarn Needle
Size H Crochet Hook

CO 22 sts.
Row 1: Knit
Row 2: Purl
Row 3: Knit
Row 4: Purl
Row 5: K 1, *P 2, K 2, repeat from * until 1 stitch remains on the needle, K the last stitch
Row 6: P 1, *K 2, P 2, repeat from * until 1 stitch remains on the needle P the last stitch
Repeat rows 5 and 6 until the piece measures 5 1/2 inches.
Bind off 3 sts at the beginning of the next two rows continue in pattern stitch (rows 5 and 6).
Continue in pattern stitch (rows 5 and 6) until the piece measures 10 1/2 inches (end on WS)
Knit in stockinette stitch for 8 rows (Knit one row, purl the next)
After 8 rows of stockinette stitch return to the pattern stitch from rows 5 and 6 for 2 3/4 inches (end on WS).
Knit in stockinette stitch for 6 rows
Bind off all sts.

With RS facing out, and matching the first 4 rows with the stockinette stitch on the back sew the side seams together using the mattress stitch. Sew on the button to the lower center of the flap. With your crochet hook, chain 12 sts. Make these 12 chain sts into a loop to sew onto the front of the cozy to act as the button closure. Now just weave in the stray yarn ends and your finished!



What's dark green, light green, and can leave his shell?

Sheldon, the cutest little turtle ever! His shell is made seperately from his body so I would imagine that if a person made a few of these you could play Sheldon Switch-a-Roo! Okay, here is the link where you will find the pattern and more about Sheldon's creator.